Thursday, February 14, 2019

BMA Run 2019

Meeting at the N1 Engen Garage

First fuel stop

 Pig on a spit - thanks to Corky and Jill

This pig did not die in vain!


Mark barely awake

Top of Tradou Pass

Resting rear ends (riders not bikes)

Invaluable back-up

Little Japanese bike on Britbike event!

Old farts were also welcome

John and Neil having traditional "top of pass" beer

Incredible scenery

The two Ronnies and the "boss"

Corky Kortbroek came to meet us from Swellendam

Where else in the world can one ride bikes in scenery like this

Chris trying to repair his Enfield

On show at Knysna waterfront

All British

Dave and Gavin

Rob, Tony, Lofty and Neil

Hansome fellows all

My bike did not break down. There is a God!

Ray looking pensive

The Miles clan with John

No words necessary

The Cathros

Rob our long-suffering back-up driver - always cheerful

Nel, Thys and Gavin

Jeremy posing for the camera

Sober? I don't think so

Nice one

BMA braai - note British flag colours for tablecloths - a nice touch Thys

Ares having a tipple

Rob and Gavin

Even BMW owners were allowed

Good times

The usual bunch

Ares and Rob

Braaing is a serious business

Had to have one of the German bike being loaded. The shame.....

Whoops - the Japanese one was next to succumb

Rubbing it in!

Having TEA!  Not a sight you see often. Reputations ruined

Going off to buy provisions. Actually riding bikes to town that were broken

Cottages at Swellendam. Comfortable

Cathros seeking shelter from the rain

Benn struggling to look sober

Jerry and Gavin

Will it stop raining? (it didn't)

Neil and Ray

Raining- had lots of people in our cottage

Gavin cooking for about 14 due to rain

Still raining but who cares?

Dave, Gordon and Gavin discussing the meaning of life

John tucking in on Ed's bed

The Enfield added to the non-runners

Under cover outside braaing in the rain

The famous party trick (never really works)

Rob not looking behind!

Ray - always cheerful

Next to succumb was a Triumph Triple (now pulling 4 bikes)

Then the BSA was next to not go. Happily got the triple going. Cab a bit crowded
A most enjoyable BMA